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SKU # : EW2000-NA

Wireless Computing in High Definition

Affordable and easy to use, the ASUS WiCast utilizes the latest Wireless Home Digital Interface technology to wirelessly connect and stream Full HD visuals and high quality audio from a PC to an HDTV or external display. WiCast is perfect for use in the board room, the lecture hall, or POS displays. WHDI supports latency free (<1ms) video transmission and streams without limitation of directionality or line of sight. WiCast supports a transmission distance of up to 33 feet and transmits data at a speed of 3Gb/s for reliable and smooth playback.

Energy/Environmental Standards

EPA Energy Star Compliant
EPEAT Compliant

1080p Visual and HD audio Wireless Playback
WiCast wirelessly streams content in Full HD quality from a user's PC to a display. The device features a user-friendly interface and is priced affordably. WiCast allows users to view and share high definition quality multimedia and web content. With multimedia becoming more important in classroom instruction as well as in displaying presentations in an office setting, the WiCast is an ideal solution for both the business and education sector.

Latency Free
WiCast supports latency free (less than 1ms) transmission, providing users with fluid and stutter-free playback of HD content. Low latency prevents lip-sync issues and permits smooth delivery of HD content, which is important for office presentations and interactive applications used in classroom instruction.

USB Powered
WiCast is USB powered, so there is no need for an extra adapter. Users simply plug the device into the HDMI port and the two USB ports of a laptop for power. This feature allows users to avoid the hassle of messy wires and the need to look for and be tied to power sockets.

Omni-Directional Broadcast
WiCast supports a range of up to 33 feet and WHDI transmission is not limited by directionality or line of sight. These features provide users in the education or business sector with more flexibility and convenience when connecting notebooks wirelessly with the projector to display presentations.

Small Package
At just over 4” long (both the transmitter and the receiver), WiCast is small enough to virtually disappear behind a notebook or on top of a projector, eliminating cluttering and promoting space efficiency. Lightweight, at a mere 0.242 lbs.(transmitter) and 0.352 lbs.(receiver), WiCast is easy to carry anywhere.


Education: With multimedia becoming increasingly important for classroom instruction, teachers and students can easily share and view multimedia and web content on a display using WiCast. Clean, simple, and easy to use, users need only to plug the device into the HDMI port of the laptop and the two USB ports for power. This avoids the hassle of messy wires and being tied to power sockets. With cost being an important purchasing criterion for many institutions, WiCast’s affordable price point is a very attractive feature.

Business: With WiCast, business professionals can easily connect their notebook wirelessly with a projector in a meeting room. WiCast supports latency-free(<1ms) data transmission that is not limited by directionality or line of sight which provides business professionals with convenient and reliable connectivity when giving presentations. WiCast supports a range of up to 33 feet and data is transmitted at a speed of 3Gb/s to provide smooth, reliable playback of media. Compact and lightweight, WiCast is easy for on-the-go professionals to travel with.




Warranty and Services

One year parts and labor